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Product categories
Iceland Export Categories
Icelandic Quality Products

Food Manufacturing
Fishfillets,frozenFish fillets, fresh
Seafood products, salted or prepeared
Pet Treats

Fish Processing and Fishing Gear
Fish FarmingFishProcessing
FisheriesFishing Gear

Electrical IndustryMineral Industry
Textile IndustryFood industry

Medical, Cosmetic, Health Technology Medical technologyCosmetics
Pharmaceutical industry

Music, Filming and Design
Film and photograpy
Music Art and design

IT and Communication TechnologyIT and Communication Technology
Telecommunications Computer Software
Communication Software

Commerce, Consulting and ServicesCommerce, Consulting and Services
AssociationsConsulting services Ministries
Engineering and constructionPublic

Air FrightDomestic Overland Services
Fright Related ServicesSea Fright

Electrical EnergyGeothermal Energy Hydro EnergyResearch Energy

Travel and Tourism
AccommodationConferences Facilities
Tours/AgeciesWining and Dining/Nightlife

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About Iceland Export Directory
About Iceland Trade Directory
Statement about Iceland Export Directory
Icelandic Quality Products
Iceland Trade Directory aims to provide information on Icelandic exporters and importers and their products. The directory is published, both as a book and on the web, by Heimur cooperation with the Promote Iceland and the Federation of Icelandic Trade, and is the official guide to quality products and services in Iceland.

26.6.2013 Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, Foreign Minister of Iceland, met today with German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, in Berlin.

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