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Industry Sectors in Iceland - Travel and Tourism in Iceland
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Travel and Tourism in Iceland

Icelandic travel and tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Icelandic economy. Today, tourism in Icelandaccounts for approximately 13% of the countrys income from foreign sources. It is estimated that the travel and tourism sector provides 5,400 jobs and that the volume of Icelandic tourism accounts for about 4,5% of the GNP.

Visitors to Iceland
Over the past decade, the number of travellers to Iceland has been growing steadily at an average annual rate of 6%. In 2004, travellers to Iceland increased to 362,200 from 320,000 the year before, or 13,2%.

Foreign currency earnings from foreign tourists were estimated at ISK 37,300 million making the industry second after Fisheries in foreign currency earnings.

The largest group of visitors to Iceland came from the Nordic countries (94,000) followed by visitors from UK (around 60,000), North America (47,800) and Germany (38,700).

Why go to Iceland

Iceland is closer than you think and more fun than youve ever dreamt of, with flight time around 3 hours from major gateways in Europe and 5 hours from the east coast of North America. No matter the season, theres always more than enough waiting for you to do.

Every part of the year has its own special attractions, character and charm. And dont let the name deceive you; Iceland can be very warm in summer when the sun shines virtually round the clock, while in January the average temperature is about 0C.

Almost everyone speaks fluent English and Icelanders arent really given to formalities. After all, even the telephone directory lists people by their first name
Reykjavik the capitalis a city where youll feel safe to walk the streets. Cosy, charming, a village feel and friendly people.The cityoffers a lot of entertainment, action and things to do as a metropolis of millions, and with all the modern conveniences, a high quality of life and world-class services. Even so, its still only a 15-minute cab ride between downtown and wild nature, where youll feel youre the only person on Earth.

Iceland is the ideal place for taking a break and setting foot on a European outpost with an exciting, lively, and ancient,but living culture all of its own. Youll feel at home, free to walk around, shop, admire, explore. Its a place you could go on discovering forever.

Theres always something new and exciting in Iceland, whatever the time of year.

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