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Tourism in Iceland
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Tourism in Iceland

Accommodation in Iceland generally follow a high standard. All over Reykjavik you can find many high quality hotels, most of them conveniently located within easy walking distance of the main shopping district. Country hotels, Motels and Inns tend to be small and simple. Iceland also offers travellers farmhouse accommodation and camping places all across Iceland.

Icelandic tour organizers can offer all kinds of service, including adventure excursions and activity tours for individuals and groups. Iceland has unlimited trekking opportunities and loads of museums, art galleries and movie theaters. The National Theatre and the Reykjavik City Theater are located in Reykjavik along with Symphony Orchestra, ballet and the Opera house.

Many companies in Iceland offer customers to rent a car, bus, coach or a minivan. If you want a freedom in your traveling, you should be able to find a vehicle that suits your wishes. Regular scheduled buses operate throughout Iceland, with frequent services to most towns.

The wild and untamed nightlife of Iceland, especially in Reykjavík is known world wide and famous for its durability and ongoing parties. In Iceland, the nightlife means among other things fun and entertainment but if the idea is to go out and have good old-fashioned fun Iceland is still a fine choice.

Shopping is something of a national pastime in Iceland and eagerly shared with its visitors. While the general price level is similar to the other Nordic countries, cosmopolitan buyers will love Iceland for its particularly competitive fashion wear and designer labels. Tax-free shopping is widespread and the souvenirs, particulary wool, handicrafts and gourmet foods are unique.

There are tourist information centers all over Iceland and guiding in organized travels around Iceland. It is easy to plan your holiday at the local tourist information center using the many informative brochures available and with help from the staff that are always willing to assist you in finding thinks to do that suit your interests or to suggesting few places to see and enjoy.

With Iceland's pristine natural environment, clean water and pollution-free atmosphere. Iceland in not just a place to feast your eyes on. This fresh and refreshing environment produces quality food that is the ultimate in good taste. Icelandic seafood is unrivalled for its quality and highland lamb has a flavour reminiscent of game after grazing in the wild.