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Articles - External Trade of Goods in 2003
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External Trade of Goods in 2003
In 2003, goods were exported from Iceland for ISK 182,600 million, a decrease of 11% from the year before at current price. Marine products constituted for 62% of all exports, a decrease in value by 12% from the year before at current prices. Manufacturing products constituted for 34% of the total exports, decreasing in value by 8% at current price.

In 2003, 76,5% of the total export went to the EEA countries, 6% went to other Europeans countries, 9,3% to United States, 3,2% to Japan and 5% to other countries.

The United Kingdom was the Iceland’s largest trading partner buying Icelandic exports for approximately ISK 32,000 million or 17,5% of total exports from Iceland.


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