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Eimskip is a subsidiary of Burdaras a holding company. Eimskip was the first shipping line in Iceland but through the years it has evolved from being a shipping line to a total transportation and logistics Company. Eimskip is the supplier of choice of highly valued transportation and logistic services. Eimskip believes in building long-term relationships with its customers and is committed to achieving this, by offering high quality, value-added services tailored to customers` requirements. The staff at Eimskip is trained and skilled in using the freighting network, IT and other resources to meet customers` cargo needs. Reliable schedules help businesses optimise their operation.

Eimskip employs around 1,200 people, one-third of who work in other countries than Iceland. The staff at Eimskip has extensive knowledge in the transportation field in addition to good contacts worldwide.
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Corporate Vision
The mission of Eimskip is to grow shareholders' value through developing internationally competitive business in transportation and logistics. The company emphasises is to strengthening the Icelandic economy and providing customers with high-quality, value-added service.

The mission of Eimskip is to be the supplier of choice of internationally competitive, high-quality transportation and logistic services, with focus on the company's home market in the North Atlantic, and other markets. Eimskip emphasises in creating added value for customers through its core competencies in marketing, through operation of its transport systems, its logistics control and information management.
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Contact Info
Head Office
Kornagardar 2
104 Reykjavik

E-mail: [email protected]

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