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Ossur is an international manufacturer of prosthetic and orthotic devices and a leading innovator in the field. Ossur employs over 600 people that serve the needs of the customers and healthcare services worldwide. Ossur funds one of the largest R&D (research & development) units of its kind and Ossur’s Technical Service teams provide expert advice, training and technical assistance. Ossur operates a strict and effective quality control system meeting all ISO 9001 requirements.

Ossur’s product line represents the best in modern prosthetics and orthotics technology. The name Flex-Foot is synonymous with high performance carbon fiber feet. Familiar to millions through the achievements of Paralympic athletes, the special properties of the Flex-Foot series are equally outstanding for daily use and different activity levels. Iceross liners are the original silicone interface, now pushing new boundaries with Active Skin Care and highly effective stabilizing qualities.
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Corporate Mission
The mission of Ossur is to be the principal source of innovative, quality prosthetic and orthotic products and services - enabling people to lead a life without limitations.

Ossur provides products and services to exceed customers’ expectations. Ossur monitors and responds to the customers needs, with a strong focus on continuous improvement and highly professional methods of working.

Corporate Core Values
Ossur’s customers are the focus of everything the company does; the focus is to be responsive to the customers needs in all activities. Ossur will continue to set industry standards by exceeding the expectations of the customers in the quality of products and services delivered. Through intensive R&D, successful commercialization strategies, advocacy, and leadership Ossur will remain committed to continuous improvement. The company strives to operate efficiently and cost-effectively - without compromising the quality products and services offered - to ensure that all of the company’s stakeholders receive significant value from the relationship. Ossur values in treating each individual with dignity and respect and to foster goodwill, understanding and equal treatment for all. Ossur believes that collaboration and support among individuals, departments and associations benefits all by fostering creative thinking and efficiency to attain mutual goals.

Contact Info
Ossur products can be ordered direct by orthotic and prosthetic workshops in North America, Europe and Scandinavia. Elsewhere Ossur continues to sell products via approved distributors.

Ossur Head Office
Grjothals 5
110 Reykjavik


Ossur North America
27412 Aliso Viejo Pkwy
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Tel.: +800 233 6263
Tel.: +949 362 3883
Fax: +949 362 3888

Ossur Europe
Ekkersrijt 4112-4114
PO Box 120
5690 AC Son en Breugel
The Netherlands

Tel.: +800 3539 3668
Tel.: +31 499 462840
Fax: +31 499 462841

Ossur Nordic
Box 67
751 03 Uppsala

Tel.: +46 1818 2200
Fax: +46 1818 2218

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