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Contact Organisations in Iceland
Under organisations you can find contact information’s for the main contact points in Iceland and for Icelandic Ministries. Here you will find mailing address, e-mail and website for each main contacts points and ministry.

IcelandExport is in cooperation with following Icelandic organizations

Promote Iceland
The Promote Iceland mission is to help Icelandic export companies to sell their goods, services and know-how in the international marketplace. Promote Iceland offers the business community various marketing and trade promotional services. These services include the organisation of trade fairs and exhibitions, in-depth consulting, various training programmes and the provision of market information.

Overseas Business Services
The Overseas Business Services (OBS) operates within the External Trade Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The mission of the Overseas Business Services is to assist Icelandic companies in their business ventures abroad, through the network of Icelandic Embassies and Consulates around the world

Federation of Icelandic Industries
The Federation of Icelandic Industries is the main organization of Icelandic employers in manufacturing industries, crafts, software production and related services. Membership consists of close to fifteen hundred enterprises ranging from small family businesses to Iceland’s largest industrial companies.

The Iceland Chamber of Commerce is an association of enterprises, companies, and individuals, from all sectors of the Icelandic business community. It is an independent voluntary organisation, established in 1917, and has always been free of state involvement or official contributions. The Chamber represents most of the major enterprises, large and small, in Iceland and is financed by membership and service fees.