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Investing in Iceland - Investing Opportunities in Iceland
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Investing Opportunities in Iceland
Foreign investors have located new plants in Iceland as well as buying into established ventures. Power-intensive industrial production, mainly focusing on metals, has led the foreign investment field to date, but growing numbers of investors are taking stakes in dynamic high-tech enterprises or making strategic purchases in production and services related to their own international activities. They have found an investor-friendly environment with high professional standards in all the support services that a business launch needs to rely on. 

Finance in Iceland
Leading international banks have managed and provided finance for many of the foreign investment projects undertaken in Iceland. Domestic banks have long experience and working relationships with foreign financiers and they have also been involved in loan syndications for foreign investment ventures. Domestic banks offer all traditional banking services. Cheques and other paper-based payment instruments have given way to electronic solutions. 

Professional Services in Iceland
Major international accounting companies and various local ones are represented in Iceland by partners with in-depth knowledge of the local tax and accounting environment. Various law firms specialize in international work and assist foreign investors with both set-up and contractual formalities. PR consultancies with international links and a whole array of other professional services are available too.

Websites Related to Investment in Iceland 
Invest in Iceland Agency
Invest in Iceland Agency is an independent agency of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce promoting foreign direct investment to Iceland. The Agency's advisors provide free of charge information and expert confidential service on all aspects of investments.

Reykjavik Resources
Aflvaki Ltd. – Reykjavik Resources, is the Development Company of Reykjavik – an Inward Investment Agency representing the Capital of Iceland. 

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