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Accommodation in Iceland
Accommodation in Iceland generally follow a high standard.

Hotels in Reykjavik
Hotels in Reykjavik generally follow a high standard. All over Reykjavik you can find many high quality hotels, most of them conveniently located within easy walking distance of the main shopping district. In downtown Reykjavik, there are luxury hotels with great facilities, spacious rooms and first-class service, that cater to businessmen and discerning tourists. There are also attractive and comfortable hotels located in quiet residental areas, offering friendly service and relaxed atmosphere, and there are small, friendly hotels and student dormitories.

Country hotels, Motels and Inns in Iceland
Country hotels, Motels and Inns in Iceland tend to be small and simple and most importantly they are clean, but there are exceptions and they are few. There are several different hotel chains operating throughout the country which guarantees a certain standard in facilities and service.

Farmhouse accommodation in Iceland
Farmhouse accommodation in Iceland offers accommodation with families on over one hundred farms across the country. This is a possibility worth exploring.

Camping in Iceland
Camping is a popular summer activity with Icelanders and tourists alike. Most of Iceland’s camping places are located in spectacular surroundings and camping in Iceland’s beautiful nature will make your trip exceptional.

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