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Tourism in Iceland - Activities in Iceland
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Activities in Iceland
There are numerous types of activities offered in Iceland.

Tours in Iceland 
The wilderness of Iceland has a lot to offer the adventurous travelers. Icelandic tour organizers can offer all kinds of service, including adventure excursions and activity tours for individuals and groups. Do you want to go cruising in the magical world of Icelandic glaciers, either by snow scooter, snowmobile or 4-wheel drive jeep. Would you maybe prefer river rafting down glacial rivers or kayaking on the Atlantic Ocean?

Those looking for a more safe adventure can take exciting horse trekking trips across the highlands, go whale-watching, bird watching, and sea-angling. Travel by guided bus or ferry to remote, untouched places in the interior or around the magnificent coastline or just take a quiet winter tour to see the Northern Lights.

Culture and Arts in Iceland 
All types of the culture and arts are flourishing in Iceland, Icelandic art in now flourishing. Literature has always been the pillar of Icelandic culture, playing a big role there are the Icelandic Sagas, Snorra Edda and of course the Nobel price winner Halldor Laxness. Other aspects of Icelands national heritage and have played a big role in the countries artistic culture include manuscript illumination, woodcarving and folk music.

There are loads of museums, art galleries, movie theaters and life music in Iceland. The National Theatre and the Reykjavik City Theater are located in Reykjavik along with the Symphony Orchestra, ballet and the Opera house.

Recreation and sports in Iceland 
There are unlimited trekking opportunities in Iceland. Trekking can include walks can ranging from an afternoon hike to a couple of weeks wilderness trek, spanning all over Iceland’s beautiful nature. Some Iceland’s best hiking can be found in the remote areas of Landmannalaugar, Latrabjarg, Hornstrandir, and in Reykjanes that is right in the Reykjavik backyard.

Swimming is popular in Iceland both by Icelanders and visitors. For more than 60 years swimming has been included in school curriculums so every Icelander is required by law to learn to swim. There are a great number of high quality swimming pools in Iceland, mostly due to the wealth of geothermal heat. Most of the pools not located in geothermal areas are indoors. The number of open air pools is far greater and those can be found all over the country. They are open year-round, regardless of weather. Using open air swimming pools in Iceland is a unique experience, particularly when the outside temperatures are a few degrees below zero.

Most parts of the country have good Skiing facilities; Blafjoll is the skiing facility for Reykjavik and Hlidarfjall for Akureyri.

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